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Welcome to the Admissions Department for Brazen hall Kitchen & Brewery

We at Brazen Hall believe that our best strength is our people. We commit to having the best service, the best execution by our cooks, managers that lead by example and an atmosphere second to none in our market. We believe that our people are just as important as our customers. A happy, engaged, and well developed workforce is the only way to deliver the very best product to our customers.

Our goal is to provide the very best training available to our industry in order to fulfill our commitment to you. We commit to provide all available learning tools and materials to you in order for your experience to be educational, motivating, and to push you to realize self growth and awareness of your current abilities and to point out areas where you can excel to be more effective in your time at Brazen Hall and beyond. We at Brazen Hall always strive for continuous improvement.

We offer industry leading online training, in class demonstrations, and personal daily follow up during your training. Our training program will be scheduled over two weeks where all successful employees will graduate into regular employment upon completion.

Are you Brazen? Bold confident, living life to the fullest? Are you known for lighting up a room with your energy?

Do you live your life with integrity, are you genuine and caring, and believe that any personal success is due to the success of the entire team. At Brazen Hall we respect each other, offer assistance when needed, will help another knowing that it is the right thing to do, not just because we have to. Are you this person?

Do you lead your life through passion and commitment, not being afraid to stand up for a cause that you believe in. Do you have a great track record of employment as you are always putting the needs of your customers ahead of yourself as you love to serve. Have you showed commitment to an employer knowing that you must take responsibility for your success?

Do you care about your appearance knowing that you are always on stage and always going to be the centre of attention as you are Brazen?

Are you are active in your community knowing that what you put in may not always come back but you believe that you can make a difference? Are you willing to join us as we commit to helping others in our community?

Our Brazen employees are energetic, playful, never shy to start up a conversation as you seek out engagement knowing that every relationship started is another loyal customer made. You are fun, outgoing, never shy to speak out or lead a good time. You love the fast pace, working hard, and most of all treating every guest that comes through the door like they are your best friend.

The successful applicant will commit to acquiring the necessary knowledge needed to be part of our team. You will learn the product, our systems, and how to execute our brand to the highest standards. Once graduated you will be part of a team that prides itself on development, feedback, fair and equal treatment with an opportunity to always grow in the hall.

Are you Brazen? Are you willing to join a team who work together for a common goal of creating great customer experiences? Are you willing to commit to continuous improvement in the Hall?

If you are Brazen, please apply and we will contact all successful applicants for further discussion. Good luck!

Hiring All Kitchen Staff

Hiring All Serving Staff

Hiring Supervisors & Managers

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