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Menu Section: Boozy


TEQUILAMOSA 15 1800 Reposado, OJ, lime juice, strawberry syrup, grapefruit bitters, and sparkling. ARRIBA


BEERMOSA 11 Classic……. Steel cut Blonde + OJ Elderman… elder flower, OJ, and our Steel Cut Blonde “summer sipper” Girl next door….strawberry cordial, lemon juice and beer. Very simple, well-balanced […]


MIMOSA 13 Orange, Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry. …..sparkling with OJ Glass ADD AN OUNCE OF VODKA 4 ADD AN OUNCE OF TEQUILA 5

Brazen Caesar

Brazen Caesar 14.95 The classic recipe but we’ve tripled the vodka and still with a splash of pickle juice… don’t tell anyone! 3oz Triple Vodka Clamato Worcestershire Tabasco Spice

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